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Aut inveniam viam aut faciam 

When Tommaso Bordoni, at ten years old, first saw a tailor-made suit in Italy he was immediately sold. He would become a gangster or a businessman, because they always wore a suit.

The obsession for tailor-made suits arose and never ended. It became a true Passion, a Passion for perfectionism, quality and beauty.

At the age of 26, Tommaso traveled around the world to visit factories and silk farms. The research into the perfect suppliers and partners took 1 whole year.

The Story


The Devil is in the Details.

Do not say “just a 'tailor-made' suit” about a Bordoni VP.

Tommaso makes it a point of honor to take care of the measurements himself. A 'normal' tailor takes about 12-22 sizes. No less than 44 measures are recorded for a Bordoni VP.

Perfection down to the last detail ...

Extra stitching, 'secret' pockets, your own name embroidered on the inside, perfect finishing and the highest quality materials. You should not expect any less.

The Ideology

 The modern gentleman wears Bordoni VP.

Tommaso wants to bring back the modern gentleman. Manners, respect and etiquette. They are not empty concepts, but a real lifestyle. 

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